Skin And Bones

After 16-year-old Lara (Lisa-Marie Koroll) fainted in the street, and after her mother Susanne (Anja Kling) found food leftovers hidden behind her closet, she knew something was wrong with her daughter. After Lara was harmlessly thrown in a pool her emaciated body makes her condition no longer deniable: Lara is anorexic.

Convinced that she can heal the disease with the love and stamina of a family, Susanne and her husband Peter (Oliver Mommsen) go on a heartbreaking race against time to save their daughter’s life.

But Lara uses every means to protect her best friend – anorexia. A journey into the deep abysses of a supposedly ideal world: skin and bones.

Commissioning Editor
Patrick N. Simon (SAT.1)

Christina Schiewe

Burkhardt Wunderlich

Anja Kling, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Oliver Mommsen a.a.

Broadcast SAT1: 01.12.2020
2.47 million viewers, 7.9 % share
14-49 key demos: 0.82 million, 9.6 % share