Professor T. Season 3
(4 episodes)

In the four new episodes of PROFESSOR T. the brilliant and idiosyncratic professor of criminology Jasper Thalheim (Matthias Matschke) – called T – not only solves thrilling criminal cases, but also has to face his inner demons to find out what really happened the day his father died. The search for truth becomes for T a mental and physical struggle that isolates him more and more from the outside world.

Commissioners Anneliese Deckert (Lucie Heinze) and Daniel Winter (Helgi Schmid) are also struggling with changes. After the tragic death of Detective Paul Rabe (Paul Faßnacht) in the second season finale, homicide Chief Christina Fehrmann (Julia Bremermann) replaces him with narcotics detective Simon Zander (Simon Böer), who pushes the young team.

Right at the start of the third season it gets personal for T. The murder of a Vietnamese man puzzles the commissioners. Nobody knew the victim and there seems to be no motive for the murder. Professor T. has an evil idea: Might it be that one of his former students wanted to compete with him and commit the perfect murder?

Commissioning Editor
Matthias Pfeifer (ZDF)

Thomas Jahn

Thomas Jahn

Matthias Matschke, Lucie Heinze, Helgi Schmid, Julia Bremermann, Simon Böer, Alexandra von Schwerin, Hedi Kriegeskotte, Thomas Goritzki, Peter Harting, Kristina Klebe, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Haley Louise Jones, Axel Stein, Thomas Heinze, Sönke Möhring, Ralph Herforth a.a. .