© Patrick Pfeiffer


Hannah Zeiler (Nora Waldstätten) and Micha Oberländer (Matthias Koeberlin) find a newborn baby abandoned in a basket on Lake Constance. A message confirms the unfathomable: the child mother is Rita Hafner (Larissa Fuchs), who disappeared six months ago without a trace and whom the detectives believed to have been murdered. Main suspect had been the former highly acclaimed opera star Veit Steindl (Nicki von Tempelhoff) who had an illegitimate relationship with Rita Hafner. The detectives dive deeper and deeper into folkloric traditions, enigmatic symbols and dark legends only having one goal: to save Rita Hafner. When in the course of the investigation Zeiler gets kidnapped by the perpetrator, the rules no longer apply for Oberländer and Komlatschek (Hary Prinz). Zeiler and the missed Rita Hafner have to be rescued before it is too late and they become victims of the mystical ritual of the soul circle.


Commissioning Editors
Daniel Blum (ZDF)
Sabine Weber (ORF)

Michael Schneider

Timo Berndt

Matthias Koeberlin, Nora Waldstätten, Hary Prinz, Stefan Pohl, Christopher Schärf, Peter Kremer, Nicki von Tempelhoff, Martina Ebm, Larissa Fuchs, Karola Niederhuber a.a.