Skin And Bones


(Köln, Klagenfurt/Bodensee) On April 16th principal photography of the two brand-new episodes “Curse from the Depths (WT)” and “Blood Procession (WT)” of the successful ZDF/ORF crime series “Murder By The Lake” started in Lindau, Bregenz and surroundings. Nora Waldstätten and Matthias Koeberlin as German-Austrian team of detectives are supported by Hary Prinz, Stefan Pohl, Peter Kremer, Raphael von Bargen and Christopher Schärf. Both episodes are once again directed by Michael Schneider, the scripts were written by Timo Berndt.

“The Bregenz Plague penny is no legend” yells an elated scuba diver when pulling up a treasure of old coins from Lake Constance. Shortly later, he is found dead sitting on a bench on the shore, his mouth sewn up, a coin is inside his mouth. For detective Hannah Zeiler (Nora Waldstätten) and her colleague Micha Oberländer (Matthias Koeberlin) it is obvious that the perpetrator must have known the Bregenz folklore: Gold coins were minted by the church to appease witches and to head off the Plague. Is this indeed a “curse from the depth” or is someone’s diabolical murder plans? Julia Franz Richter, Pia Hierzegger, Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Laurence Rupp and others can be seen in episode roles.

Marlene (Stefanie von Poser) is shot by a crossbow during the legendary “blood procession” with over 3.000 horses. She survives, but has to be put in an artificial coma. Her son Oliver (Marlon Boess) has only recently returned to Lake Constance: the family blamed him for the death of his godmother, who died three years ago together with a precious racehorse. Shortly before being shot, Marlene thought she saw the same horse, alive, at the procession. Detectives Micha Oberländer and Hannah Zeiler get to the bottom of the mystery around this enigmatic animal and the relation between power and greed in the world of horses.
„Murder By The Lake“ is a coproduction of Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH (Executive Producer Sam Davis) and Graf Filmproduktion GmbH (Executive Producer: Klaus Graf), ZDF and ORF. The project is funded by RTR / Fernsehfonds Austria and Land Vorarlberg. Commissioning editors are Daniel Blum at ZDF and Sabine Weber at ORF. Production will continue until mid of June 2019, broadcasts on ZDF and ORF are planned for 2020.

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