Skin And Bones

Starving until you faint: Start of principal photography of SAT.1 drama about anorexia starring Anja Kling, Lisa-Marie Koroll and Oliver Mommsen

Unterföhring, 15. April 2019. Starving until you faint, a distorted self-image, strict self-control, compulsive physical activity, exaggerated perfectionism: the symptoms of anorexia often creep into the everyday life of those affected. Usually they are only recognized when the disease can no longer be denied, followed by a difficult path back to normality.

In “Skin And Bones” (WT), the new SAT.1 theme movie which is currently in production in Cologne and surroundings. Anja Kling plays a mother of a 16-year-old girl who lives through such a trauma. When she realizes that her daughter Lara (Lisa-Marie Koroll) is not only slim, but abnormally skinny, a long and exhausting journey begins for the family: From their own acceptance of the severe diagnosis of the disease until back to a halfway settled family life.

“Out of pure helplessness and despair all attempts to help become an overwhelming torment for the whole family. “As a mother of a nearly 15-year-old healthy daughter, I can understand very well the ‘mistakes” that my character makes”, Anja Kling says compassionately and stresses: “It would be a pleasure, if this film would not only draw repeatedly attention to this terrible and often imperceptibly creeping disease, but could also provide a little help in dealing with it.”

Anja Kling’s film daughter Lisa-Marie Koroll made her own eating disorder as a 16 yr old public in 2017, . Today she has overcome it: “Meanwhile I have such a distance to it, that it is no longer a danger to me. I know that through this role I won’t start doubting myself again”, explains the 21-year-old and underlines: “It is important for me to show which kind of fight affected girls have with themselves every day and that their biggest enemy is actually themselves.”
The film family is completed by Oliver Mommsen as Lara’s dad Peter and Vico Magno as her brother Jonas.

“Skin And Bones” (WT) is directed by Christina Schiewe, the script has been written by Burkhardt Wunderlich. Executive Producers are Sam Davis and Kim Fatheuer (Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH), commissioning editor at SAT.1 is Patrick Simon. „ Skin And Bones“ (WT) is another SAT.1 theme movie, which aims to make socially relevant topics to the subject of public discussion.

„I fear that your daughter is anorexic!” Lara’s (Lisa-Marie Koroll) doctor says the obvious. A shock for Susanne (Anja Kling) and Peter (Oliver Mommsen), the parents of the 16-year-old student. How could they overlook the signs for such a long time? Exaggerated ambition at sports, mouldly leftovers from food behind Lara’s closet, layers of clothes under which no body contours can be seen, even the weakness attack while jogging – there was a plausible explanation for everything. But when Lara is pushed into the pool at the neighbors’ summer party and her skinny body comes clearly visible, the eating disorder can no longer be denied. For Lara and her parents begins a persistent fight against the anorexia which from now on determines the everyday family life. But Susanne and Peter are not willing to lose their daughter to the disease – and support her with all their love and the means at their disposal. But will this be enough against an enemy that seems to be so much stronger?

+++ Production: Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH +++ Executive Producers: Sam Davis, Kim Fatheuer +++ Director: Christina Schiewe +++ Script: Burkhardt Wunderlich +++ Director of Photography: Felix Poplawsky +++ Commissioning Editor SAT.1: Patrick N. Simon +++ Shooting Period: 26. March until 24. April 2019+++ Location: Köln and surroundings +++

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