Two ROMYS for Rowboats first production A DAY FOR A MIRACLE

Two ROMYS for Rowboat´s first production “A DAY FOR A MIRACLE” („Das Wunder von Kärnten“)

23.04.2012 Köln/Wien. A DAY FOR A MIRACLE takes home two prestigious ROMY Prizes in Vienna!

ROMY Nr. 1 was in the category „Best Script - TV Film“ for the screenwriters Christoph Silber and Thorsten Wettcke.

ROMY Nr. 2 was in the category „Best Producer - TV-Film“ for Sam Davis und his Austrian Co-Producer Klaus Graf of Graf Filmproduction.

“It is a great honor to win these Romys. We worked long and passionately on our film until we had the opportunity to make it with Andreas Prochaska. The time and energy was well worth it!” according to Davis.

Also nominated for the film in the category ”Best Actor“and “Best Actress”was Ken Duken and Gerti Drassl – whose gripping performances mesmerized over 7 million viewers in Germany and Austria.

The ceremony took place in the majestic Wiener Hofburg on Saturday, 21. April 2012, and was broadcast live in ORF 2.